I have been involved in all forms of creativity from a very young age.  I experimented with a great many media in the Seventies, including performance art, theatre and installations/environments and then settled down to painting, drawing, sculpture and more recently writing.

This blog is concerned mainly with my drawings; initially with my current digital work (in a variety of styles) and eventually with the thousands of works on paper I have produced at various stages of my career – the latter have to be scanned which is a rather daunting task: hence the emphasis at the moment on my digital work.  If you are interested in my paintings and more serious works please see my web site: http://www.ionistart.me.uk

Thank you very much for reading this!

8 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you!

      This diary was written 6/7 years ago when I had two part time jobs (evening and Saturday plus) and there are frequent coded references to these throughout. This is transmogrified fact rather than fiction.

      Incidentally both companies went bust! – not my fault though!

      • Interesting again that you should mention both companies went bust, BUT it wasn’t your fault. I’ll be back!

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