A Door That Has No Key – Out Of Context Variation

I am not sure if this is good news or bad news but I have decided to end my year long blogging sabbatical after less than a month!

My intention was to fill the vacuum created by stopping blogging by using the time to add paintings to a wider range of online galleries and also promote myself more intensely – bearing in mind that normally I don’t promote myself at all!

However the change of plan was caused partly by realising again how onerous and unrewarding sharing art work on the internet is and partly by my signing a contract with an art gallery who, if they decide to work with an odd-ball like me, will want a fair degree of exclusivity over my work.

I am still taking a year’s break with my diaries as I want to explore other literary projects.

A Door That Has No Key - Out Of Context Variation

A Door That Has No Key – Out Of Context Variation

My Sabbatical

After a great deal of thought I have decided to have a year’s break from blogging to give me more time to promote my art work.  With the exception of Artstack and to a lesser extent Pictify I haven’t had time to present my work on any other online galleries for several years and although I strongly believe it is impossible to sell oil and acrylic paintings online I do need to get more exposure.

Thank you so much to all the people who have followed my blogs over the years.  I really appreciated your support.

I want to start working on a lot of my online portfolios (including Pinterest) but at the moment if anyone is interested the best places to keep up to date with my work are:



and my own web site http://www.ionistart.me.uk/

Many thanks again.


PS I may sneakily keep going with my gardening blog (Which I actually neglected last year – ditto the garden!).